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Interesting Stationery

Originally these posts were separate, but they were quite small and I don't want a stationary stationery blog. Also this will bore you to death.

Metal rulers

Metal rulers are good rulers. They're strong, durable and precise and feel weighty and robust.
This isn't a political metaphor. If you want a good ruler for measuring (also see rulers that truly start at 0) or underlining, you ought to get a metal ruler over a wooden ruler over a plastic ruler. You can also get metal safety/no-slip rulers.

They're also probably effective weapons so maybe don't bring them in your flight hand luggage.

Stapleless staplers

Staplers need staples. Staples are a finite resource that cost money and effort and sometimes don't staple properly. Solution? Staple-less staplers.

They punch out a small fold that holds the paper together (there's also an alternative method that doesn't make a hole).
It's ideal for temporarily holding documents together, although normal staplers are probably best for actually important documents.

They're an interesting invention that have been around for a while, although haven't really caught on as far as I'm aware.

Fountain pens

Fountain pens are pretty neat. I would recommend trying one.

Eco pencils

I doubt these have any kind of important environmental impact.

made from recycled CD cases

I was gifted some pencils made from recycled CD cases - they feel like a smooth plastic imitation of wood.
The barely interesting bit is that they seem less messy to sharpen - the sharpened bits hold together better than a standard pencil.

seeds on the end

Slightly related but I also saw a pencil with the redundant gimmick of seeds on the end so I guess instead of throwing it away when you're done with them you could plant it.

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