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Meat™ by Hungry Corp.

Lord Zuckerberg announces his new product, Meat™

Hi fellow reptilians, it's your favorite robot leader of world benevolence, here at Hungry Corp. we are unleashing our brand new product, Meat™.

Based on our professional patented proprietary algorithm we have already identified your personal private preferences and harvested them into meat. Subscribe to our mystery meat loot crate now! now! now! now! now! no! now! now!
For the vegetarians out there, we harvest them into our new new product, Feta™. For the flexitarians out there, we are launching an innovative Feet™ VR experience.

If you do not wish to purchase Meat™, you may opt-out, which consists of a short 48-page survey followed by the public release of all your thoughts and secrets for greater transparency.

Note that Meat™ can and will contain horse, cat, human and similar unidentified foodstuffs in no particular order.
Hungry Corp. is not responsible for the contents of Meat™, rather the consumer is thanks to our high-level opinion ergo legal modification.

All criticism can and will be censored as copyright violations. Critics are heartily invited to our facilities. We will demonize non-#Meaters™ and make it economically and socially problematic to be a non-#Meater™ with economic incentives and high-level opinion modification marketing for schools, companies and governments to enroll in our Meat™ premium program, tightly integrated itself into the world so that Meat™ is everywhere, inescapable, you too will be turned into Meat™ one day as other food sources are extinguished as part of our program to ensure Meat™ purity. Our labs are working on connecting Meat™ into your bloodstream for quick and convenient Meat™ absorption.

Don't worry: Meat™ is completely sustainable; we are working hard on speeding up Meat™ sentience, creating a new lifeform, so that we can offer it a paid engulfing service else use them as unpaid workers so your Meat™ Tax stays nice and low and we at Hungry Corp. have enough money to continually improve our Meat™ product.

Meat™ is already here. Hello

This is satire, of course. Zuckerberg doesn't want to harvest you for Meat™: that would be insane and truly against the interests of humanity!
No... he's harvesting your delicious data so that rich companies can pay for low-level societal control. Don't worry, "Meta" has great potential to continue bringing the idiotic techno-dystopia they've been dreaming of.

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