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OK Play/Cinco Linko: good game

Cinco Linko (US name, $15) / OK Play (UK name, £13) is a simple, portable tabletop game.
The goal is for you to make a line of five squares in order to win and block other people from doing the same - similar to Connect Four. Between two and four players can play, with dynamics and tactics shifting with more players - for instance in a two-player game you effectively win if you have four tiles in a row with a space on either side but not necessarily in a three/four-player game.

The game comes as four colored stacks of 15 square tessellating tiles, held together by a circle (which has a karabiner).
You could probably make it yourself.

I've had enough fun playing this that I've added it to my list of programming projects I might one day bother to make.

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