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Neat Python things

Python is nice and it's fairly simple, but there are some useful features and interesting oddities occasionally overlooked.

There are lots of other useful python features and functions and libraries, have a look around the Python docs and the rest of the internet.

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  1. Gaturro33 — Dec 15, 2021:

    I love python's simplicity, but currently I can't learn it, i'm focusing on study chemical & engineering stuff. I only learn about computers on my free time, but I love it, the only thing I doesn't like about programming is, to work <3

  2. Gaturro33 — Dec 15, 2021:

    Maybe I've valued Luke Smith's critics so much. I wish one day get off the grid and go countryside. But more and more It seems to be impossible, especially on Argentina xd

  3. Anonymous — Dec 15, 2021: