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Software/Services I'm following (from 2021)

The world of FOSS is vast. Here are a handful of cool projects I saw (and have tried out) over the last year.

Nuclear Music Player

Desktop music player focused on streaming from free sources

Nuclear is the dream... It's not there yet - It's not my default music player because it stops playing for me after a few songs for one reason or another.

The proper way would probably be music downloads and a music player like ncmpcpp (or other MPD clients), cmus or others.

beets (music organizer) also looks interesting but I've not tried it yet.


Fast, simple, and hackable OSM map viewer for Linux

The current landscape of free OSM map viewers for Linux is pretty bleak. There's KDE Marble, which was a bit of a pain last time I tried it (also it's more of a Google Earth alternative rather than simple maps). There's also GNOME Maps although it's offline-only and is clean but basic.


Simple and works with multiple translation engines (includes Google Translate, LibreTranslate, DeepL).

Organic Maps

Organic Maps is a great mobile OSM app. I used to use OsmAnd on my phone but I'll probably be turning to this instead when I need to, although both are open source (OsmAnd is even GPLv3) and available on F-droid (although I don't know how official OsmAnd~ is).


Basically a gitea instance (well, not exactly). It's pretty good.


Simple and fast software forge.


Collaboration suite end-to-end encrypted and open-source

CryptPad works well. It's clean, fast and most importantly: secure.

Cinny matrix client

I've been using matrix for a while. While I could list all the improvements in Element and the ecosystem as a whole, you can go to their respective blog posts for that. I don't think Cinny is at all groundbreaking, it's just nice and simple and gradually improving and taking shape. Cinny looks neat. It looks quite inspired by Discord (perhaps in the spirit of the now abandoned Carbon).


A link aggregator for the fediverse.

Lemmy has seen considerable growth over 2021 and likewise consistent development. Its UI is elegant and ideal.

Reddit is falling into corporate spammy hell (with its fair share of both awesome and awful communities) - I'm sure I could dig up a quote that eloquently expresses how Reddit has gone up in flames like the rest of the web.


This isn't software itself, but rather libraries to build terminal apps.
I hope to see interesting stuff born out of this project.

Gemini Protocol

This isn't even software, it's a protocol - an internet one. Geminispace is a simpler and more intriguing frontier to explore.

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