Cube the Contrarian

My progress with vim

I wanted to learn vim. I heard it was powerful and worth learning.

So I started using it a couple months ago and I'm happy with it, although I'm still not used to the commands and keybinds.

The rest of the post will explain my vim setup and I will try to keep it updated.

I am trying both vim and neovim to see what the difference is.

I'm using vim-plug to manage my plugins. It's worked well so far.

I also have limelight with goyo.

I integrate pywal into vim using wal.vim. [edit: I'm currently not using it as it messes with code completion colors too much]

I'm also currently trying out coc.nvim for code completion.

Oh and now I'm also exploring Emacs (for Org mode).

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  1. Gaturro33 — Dec 15, 2021:

    Currently Idk how to customize my vim colors, every custom theme i download looks ugly at some point, like openbox, if you want to love It, you should learn how to customize It by yourself. Good post my friend! Sorry 4 my broken english, im from Argentina, im working on improve